Get more from your property

Sign a long-term lease with Loftium and get paid on-time, guaranteed. Never worry about vacancy again.

Loftium takes a tremendous amount of stress and potential risk in my life and eliminates that.

Mike Koch

Loftium Landlord

Leasing, Streamlined

Loftium provides all the legal docs and signs a 2-3 year lease at competitive rates within 24 hours of touring. You get automatic rent payments on time, every month. There are no placement or management fees, and after a 2-4 week placement window, you never have to worry about vacancy again.

Lease in 24 hours
On time, every time
Automatic rent payments
Lawyer-reviewed legal docs

We’ve got you covered.

All Loftium renters are required to have renters insurance and undergo thorough background & credit checks. Loftium ensures all Airbnbs are fully compliant with local regulations, and you can rest easy - your home is covered by Airbnb’s Host Protection policy (covers up to $1M of guest damage.)

Background & credit checked
Compliant with local laws
Renters insurance
$1,000,000 damage protection
Background & credit checked
Compliant with local laws
Renters insurance
$1,000,000 damage protection

Cash bonuses

We think great landlords deserve recognition. When you resolve maintenance issues in the Airbnb space within 24 hours, we’ll send a cash bonus at the end of each lease term. And for every new property you refer we’ll pay $300 after lease signing. This includes every additional home you sign with us, too!

Maintenance bonus for quick repairs
Referral bonus for every new lease signed

Less wear and tear.

Airbnb guests staying in homes with hosts who live on site cause less wear and tear than long-term tenants. No more holes in your walls. Plus, you set your house rules, and we ensure they’re followed. No pets? No problem.

Set your house rules

Make more, do good.

There are few true win-wins in life, but this is one of them: get guaranteed, long-term rent for your property while allowing a responsible renter to lower their cost of living and save.

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