Affordable rent in the city you love

Lower your rent by up to 50% for managing a private on-site Airbnb with Loftium

How it works

How it works

Private, furnished Airbnb

All Loftium homes have separate Airbnb spaces, furnished by Loftium & decorated by you.

Low rent, guaranteed

You get heavily discounted rent for managing the Airbnb (messaging guests & ensuring the unit is clean), no matter how the Airbnb performs.

Lower rent with every booking

On top of your rent discount, Loftium renters get a $35 - $55 Rent Credit for every booking ($350-550/mo avg), depending on the home.

Lease with Loftium in a few simple steps

Sign up for free

Tell us what city you're looking to live in and browse available homes.

Tour a home

Authorize a background & credit check. Schedule a self tour at your convenience.

Sign a lease

Move into your dream home and start hosting. We're with you every step of the way.

What it's like to rent a Loftium home



They've been there for me every step of the way as a new Airbnb host. This is an amazing new experience for me, definitely recommended!



Innovative concept and they are giving us the opportunity to rent a home that we would've never been able to afford!



Hosting an Airbnb has been fun... I'm able to meet people from all over the world! I highly recommend it if you're looking for a new way to rent and save money!

Your home, your city, made affordable

Hosting is easy with Loftium

With automated tools and ongoing support, you can be an out-performing host whether you’re at home or traveling the world.

Furniture provided

Loftium ships our tried & true furniture package directly to your door, which includes all the major essentials. See what we provide here.

Keyless smart lock

Your guests can check-in and check-out without you having to be on-site.

Automated messaging

You only need to respond when specific questions arise. The automatic messages take care of the heavy lifting such as check-in instructions.

Optimized pricing

You never have to worry about pricing your listing.

Signed Loftium Leases

Seattle, WA



$3,550 / mo

Denver, CO



$2,800 / mo

Portland, OR



$2,450 / mo